Route: Krösnabanan (Sweden)

Submitted by christherunner on Sat, 10/10/2020 - 12:24pm
58 km
Vertical Gain
270 m

Krosnabanan is nowadays a trail for running, walking and biking. It used to be a railway (1895-1946) for farmers and people travelling from the depths of the Smaland woods to the coastline outside Karlskrona in Blekinge. The name of the railway (and hence the trail that was established less than 20 years ago) comes from and old Swedish word for lingon berrys (Krösnabär) and the tale says that a lot of people pick those red berrys in the woods and travelled by train to Karlskrona to sell them in a market. It is today well known in the south east of Sweden and used by hikers, bikers and occasionally runners.