Route: La vena del gesso Romagnola (Italy)

Submitted by Samuele Peroni on Thu, 05/28/2020 - 11:33am
Ravenna, IT
54 km
Vertical Gain
2,672 m

The route starts from Brisighella RA and arrives at Borgo Tossignano BO, through paths that climb the cliffs of the chalk vein, (vena del gesso).  (Editors Note: the .gpx file shows an out-back).

- Submitted by Samuele Peroni

"A spectacular silvery gray ridge"

"From the Sillaro valley to Brisighella, in the Lamone valley, the Romagna hills are furrowed by a spectacular silvery gray ridge well recognizable at first sight, which abruptly interrupts the gentle hill profiles giving a unique aspect to the landscape. The outcrop, which is the longest and most imposing chalky relief in Italy, extends for 25 km and has an average width of one and a half kilometers. The area is characterized by peculiar karst morphologies, which include sinkholes, blind valleys and numerous caves, among which many "abysses" stand out."


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