Route: Lake Hefner Loop (OK)

Submitted by yowelltr on Sun, 08/01/2021 - 07:54pm
Oklahoma, US
9.45 mi
Vertical Gain
30 ft

Lake Hefner is one of the most popular routes in Oklahoma City. The OKC Marathon and other local races include the lake in their courses. There is almost 9 1/2 mile loop around the lake on a paved bike path/roadway. There are many sidewalks and paths that interchange, but the main loop is visible and easy to follow. Locally it is a common place for runners to "loop the lake" on long runs because of the easy path with little to no traffic, water fountains, views and flat elevation. The lake also includes dozens of Strava segments. I have the route starting from the Lighthouse which is located near restaurant on the lake and a popular parking lot for starting runs.

This route is a local favorite and great challenge for travelers! There are likely to be consistent contenders for the FKT here.

Link to All Trails description of route:,used%20from%20March%20until%20October.

There is a Strava segment for the CCW circuit of the lake.  You can run either direction, but must beat the Strava times to be considered for the FKT.

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