Route: Lake Union Loop

Submitted by gregrunsfar on Mon, 02/14/2022 - 11:07am
Washington, US
6.03 mi
Vertical Gain
177 ft

Lake Union is a Seattle landmark and namesake of several neighborhoods and streets in the city. A glacial lake, Lake Union’s basin was dug 12,000 years ago by the Vashon Glacier, which also created Lake Washington and Green Lake. Runners have been running around Lake Union for generations. The Lake Union Loop requires a full circumnavigation of the lake using the Fremont Bridge (western terminus) and University Bridge (eastern terminus) but runners may use any of the numerous paths and side streets to complete the loop.

Recommended route - began at the Fremont Bridge and headed south on the pedestrian path inside Westlake Ave. Turned the corner over Lake Union Park Bridge and headed east until moving north on the sidewalk adjacent to Fairview Ave. Began climbing on the sidewalk of Eastlake Ave before taking University Bridge across the water then west along 40th Ave, Burke-Gilman Trail and 34th St back to Fremont Bridge.

Runners should look out for construction, vehicles, and distracted drivers. Early weekend mornings may be the best bet to avoid congestion and dangerous obstacles. Stay alert and stay safe :-)

As of April 2022, the male FKT is believed to be just under 34 minutes by Eric Finan - any men submitting an FKT should expect to beat that time. 

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