Route: Lambert Centre of Australia 26.5km

Submitted by elissavb on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 06:52pm
Northern Territory, AU
26.5 km

Base camp is set up in Kulgera, the first and last town (and pub) in the Northern Territory. The 26.5km (16.5mi) starts on the 4WD track to the Lambert Centre just off Finke Road 126km (78mi) east of Kulgera. From here it is 13.25km (8.2mi) out to the centre and back along the same track. The run is wholly on the 4WD track which is dotted with the tracks of native wildlife (expect to see goanna, emu, desert mouse and kangaroo tracks while running). It has one left hand turn off just after 7km (4.34mi). It is important to stick to the left hand side of the track so you do not miss the turn-off (the track splits and rejoins multiple times and once on this track there are no more signs to show you which one is the turn-off).

Upon reaching the Lambert Centre you can have your photo with the flag pole, sign the guest book and use the long drop (BYO TP!) if needed before heading back.