Route: Meadow Creek Drainage Circumnavigation (AK)

Submitted by Dr.Dre' on Thu, 09/02/2021 - 01:55pm
Alaska, US
18 mi
Vertical Gain
8,000 ft

Loop route
Submitted by Andre-Paul Michaud in September 2021. This is a circumnavigation of the entire Meadow Creek drainage outside Eagle River, Alaska. Start at Mile High trailhead. Summit Mt. Magnificent then take the long ridgeline to Mt. Significant (Route highpoint at 5446 feet) then backtrack to Mile High ridge and summit Vista, Roundtop and Black Tails Rocks. Cross-country traverse back to start on alpine tundra, crossing Meadow Creek. This route has great ridge hiking with minimal scrambling, and all named major peaks are summitted in the loop.

This drainage is described in Shawn Lyons' guidebook as a point to point from Mile High to Baldy trailhead, which does not include Significant and Roundtop. Although Significant isn't included in his loop, it seems to have as much drainage or more than Roundtop, so it is included here! This is an awesome Alaskan experience.

Point-to-point route
In August 2023, Laura Tuttle submitted a point-to-point variation of this route from the Baldy trailhead to Mile High Trailhead (or reverse) as mentioned in Andre-Paul's earlier description above. Either direction is acceptable for the point-to-point version.

This website would not typically include two variations of a route like this, but Tuttle documented that online guides as well as local usage lean toward the point-to-point route. The two variations are roughly comparable in distance and elevation gain.