Route: Moat Mountain Traverse (NH)

New Hampshire, US
9 mi
Vertical Gain
3,180 ft

This traverse over North, Middle, and South Moat Mountains in the shadow of the Presidential Range is a great option for when things are still frozen up on high, and this trail is runnable many more weeks of the year. The northern terminus is at Diana's baths, quite the fine swimming hole. Topographically, it is basically right on the ridge for the entire 9.5 miles. Much of the terrain is that rare, perfect combination of fast technical running, although there are some greasy slabs that could send you straight down to Conway if one does not display at least some caution. There are extended exposed sections for views of the higher surrounding peaks, and while never getting above 3200', you accumulate about 7k of vertical on the double traverse. The northern half is generally more runnable, but the deadly slabs are in this section, as well as more trail intersections. It is not a difficult trail to follow, but you do have to pay attention. I thought about doing some free sololing at Cathedral Ledge on my way back south, but then decided against it. Some routes are fun due in a large part to the difficulty of the challenge, where you don't desire to repeatedly attempt FKT's on the trail. This is just an amazingly scenic and accessible trail that is enjoyable to cover at any pace,

--submitted by Ben Nephew

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