Route: Monte Rosa (Italy/Switzerland)


Monte Rosa, on the border of Italy and Switzerland, is the second highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe at 4,634 m.

The route from the Alagna Valsesia town square to the top of Monte Rosa's Signalkuppe subsummit (4554m) and back is used in the long version of the Monte Rosa Sky Marathon, and some fast times have been set in the race.  Currently, the race is done in teams of 2, with male, female and mixed gender teams.  This complicates the situation with regard to FKTs, since a female competitor in a mixed gender team could be short-roped by a faster male team member, which would be legal in the race but would invalidate an FKT.  In fact the race website states:  "Mixed gender teams are scored in the male category."

45.9370271, 7.8676253