Route: Morcles vertical

Submitted by Samuel Antoine on Fri, 10/13/2023 - 09:02am
11.2 km
Vertical Gain
2,567 m

This route leads directly from the banks of the Rhone on the plain to the summit of the Grande Dent de Morcles, from 417m to 2968m in just 11.2km, which is unique. It passes through forests and pastures, leading to a long, technically challenging section of stony, lunar rock: magical, mystical and dangerous. At the summit, breathtaking 360° views of some of the Alps' most iconic peaks (Mont Blanc and its massif, Grand Combin, Dents du Midi, Dent Blanche, Eiger, Matterhorn...).

The Grande Dent de Morcles dominates the Rhone bend, offering impressive views down over the Rhone valley, Lake Leman and the valleys that converge at Martigny. Clearing the summit offers a vast panorama of the Pennine Alps.

First recorded ascent to the summit of the Grande Dent de Morcles: 1788.

From Lavey (417 m): start opposite the baths entrance along the footpath towards the hamlet of Morcles. From Morcles, follow the Plan du Pré and Au de Morcles paths to reach La Rionda. After La Rionda, leave the Chemin de Demècre and climb to the left via a series of switchbacks leading to the Grande Vire. At 2628 m, continue along the flat path for 200 m, then climb up the Couloir du Nant Rouge. It's steep and you mustn't step off the path. 100 m from the summit, pass through a chimney before joining the ridge leading to the summit.