Route: Mount Nebo Scenic Byway (UT)

Submitted by LauraParson on Fri, 06/05/2020 - 05:48pm
Utah, US
35 mi
Vertical Gain
5,918 ft


There are multiple mileage reports for the scenic loop, but from my FKT today, the length is 35 miles (my GPS said 36, but the Forest Service mileage goes). The additional mileage is, apparently, the drive from the freeway to the start and from the finish of the loop road. The loop climbs up and around the Uintas. The loop starts at the pull-out at the base of the mountain (just before the windy roads for the next 38 miles sign) and finishes when the road hits highway 132. 

From the website. Description: A 35-mile paved road paralleling the Mt. Nebo Wilderness Area on the Uinta National Forest. The road runs through vegetation communities ranging from oak and juniper to aspen and spruce-fir. Middle and upper elevation wildflowers are common and diverse in summer, especially on side roads joining the main paved road. Several campgrounds and many trailheads and scenic view pullouts are found along the byway.

Viewing Information: Visitors will be able to enjoy spectacular views of 12,000 foot Mount Nebo and the diverse vegetation all along the scenic byway. Several pullouts with scenic overlooks, informational signs and trails are located along the byway. A very popular stop accesses Devil’s Kitchen, with its red rock cliffs and spires. The byway is nationally known for its wonderful views of bright fall foliage. Best viewing time varies year to year, usually starting mid to late September. A wide range of wildflowers can be seen along the byway from June through late September.

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Congrats Laura!  Thanks for setting such an awesome route.  I loved it.