Route: Mt Adams Infinity Loop (WA)

Washington, US
49.5 mi
Vertical Gain
18,266 ft

This route applies Chad Kellogg's Rainier Infinity Loop concept to Mount Adams via a combination of the trails and bushwacking rules from Around Mt Adams  with two opposing and largely non-technical routes on Mt Adams: its South Spur and North Cleaver.

The Infinity Loop is an unusual challenge dreamed up by iconic Washington climber Chad Kellogg, for Mt. Rainier, but which he was never able to complete due to his untimely passing. The essence of Chad and the Infinity Loop is captured beautifully in "To Infinity" by Dirtbag Diaries - a podcast responsible for spreading inspiring the for whole infinity loop phenomena - it should perhaps be considered essential listening for imparting on this FKT or challenge. 

The concept was first applied to Mt Adams by Jason "Ras" Vaughan.

Important Note: Tribal Closures (update July 2022):

When circumnavigating Mt. Adams it is critical to do thorough research on the Yakama Nation Website to check for land closures and to obtain their permit and/or permission before attempting this route.  If the land is closed no one should be on it; we have Flagged prior efforts who were on the tribal land during a time of closure. The tribal land may be closed even when the rest of Mt Adams Wilderness is open.

Currently it appears that the Yakama Nation may be issuing permission for recreation on their land at certain times and certain cases, but that should be confirmed with the tribe. Do NOT attempt this route without receiving tribal permission and anyone submitting a time for it MUST include proof of permission to be valid. 

one also needs a Mount Adams Climbing Permit

The Adams Infinity Loop Challenge

Aside from FKT chasing, the first Infinity Loop on Rainier was originally done with each of the 4 parts taking roughly a day, this itself is an audacious challenge for partners set out to complete to participate in this community. This sub-4 day - sub-96 hour - timeline feels like a meaningful challenge as a way to plan, execute, and experience this incredible mountain, allowing each part to be completed in daylight hours. Infinity Loops and big volcanoes are aesthetically meant for one another, give it a try!

so, Who's Next?

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