Route: Mt Carrigain Loop (NH)

New Hampshire, US
13.2 mi

Ben Nephew posted the route:

This is a classic White Mountain route that has a little bit of everything, from fast singletrack to hand over fist climbing to technical descents that make the Northern Presidentials seem not all that bad since you are not constrained by trees. The route consists of the Carrigain Notch Trail, Desolation Trail, and the Signal Ridge Trail (which could be called the Shattered Ridge Trail). Climbing the summit tower is part of the route, and I would also like to suggest that pausing for pictures or just taking in the view for 2-3 minutes is mandatory. Carrigain has some of the best views around, and if it is considered mandatory, folks do not have to debate whether or not to take a camera during FKT attempts. Full report to follow. I completed the loop, which is 13.5 miles long with 4100' of climb, in 2:30:05 on 9/17/16.


GPS Track


Watch out Mr. Nephew. I'm coming for this next Wednesday, July 15.