Route: Mt Challenger (WA)

Colorado, US
39 mi
Vertical Gain
15,400 ft

Challenger (8236') is at the northern end of the Pickets, a remote subrange of the north Cascades. The climb requires a fair bit of glacier travel and a few moves of 5.5 rock near the summit.

Mount Challenger...I can't think of a more appropriate name... First Climbed on September 7, 1936. 
Mount Challenger stands as the northern anchor of the Picket Range of Washington State. This area is the most rugged and remote mountain wilderness in the lower 48 states (somewhat arguable, but not very) deep in the northern section of North Cascades National Park. Challenger and the majority of the Picketts are not visible from any road and no trails offer particularly good views of the area. The climate is quite atrocious, probably the worst in all the Cascades. The valleys surrounding the Pickets are filled with wild and all but impenetrable temperate rainforest choked with brush and blowdown. The terrain is steep and cliffy from valley bottom to peak and the whole area is riddled with wildly disrupted glaciers calving off seracs to the valleys far below. There are no walk up routes in the Pickets. Here one must deal with the peaks on their own terms, over days of real hardship. All of this conspires to make climbing in the Pickets a unique, incredible, but challenging experience at best, and a full on epic at worst. The vibe here is very different than anywhere else in the Cascades. There are fewer climber's trails, more and rougher gound to cover, and less people.

48.8356826, -121.342354