Route: Mt Monadnock White Dot Trail (NH)

New Hampshire, US
1.8 mi

Posted by Adam Wilcox:

From the New Hampshire State Parks blog:

In the summer of 2001, Elijah Barrett of New Ipswich, NH set the official record ascent time up Mt. Monadnock taking just 24 minutes and 44 seconds to reach the summit via the White Dot Trail. The time was officially timed by Monadnock Patrol Staff; a service they do not really offer much. Elijah beat out former Monadnock Mountain Patrolman Ken Peterson’s previous record ascent time of 25 minutes and 45 seconds set a few years prior.


Another source says Barrett's time was 20s faster, 24m24s:

David Kilgore claims to have run the route in 24m34s on 8/12/2017:

A definitive new FKT awaits a time under 24m24s.

There is a Strava segment for the ascent, and also another Strava segment for the up & down.


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In regards to the Up & Down FKT for the White Dot Trail on Monadnock, it is my understanding that no one has bettered my time of 40:50 roundtrip from the flagpole at the trailhead set on or about July 4, 2006. Garry Harrington (PS: My record of 16 roundtrips in 24 hours on the White Dot Trail set in May, 2006 was broken today (4/24/2021) by Larsen Ojala of Rindge, NH, who did 17.)

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In regards to Elijah Barrett's ascent record on this trail, the actual time was 24:44. He started from the toll booth in the Visitor's Center parking lot, while it is my understanding that David Kilgore started at the flagpole when he posted a time of 24:34. The difference in distance is an uphill 100 yards, approximately, which would make Barrett's ascent the actual faster time considering the additional distance. (Garry Harrington posted this 4/24/2021)


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I plan on running this on Friday, I will reply to this after I've completed the run