Route: Mt Tammany (NJ)

New Jersey, US
3.6 mi
Vertical Gain
1,230 ft

This is a 5+km loop route near Deleware Water Gap, Hardyston New Jersey

Route description
Start up Red Dot Trail,1.2 miles to summit. Continue 400 meters until you reach a blue blaze on your left, take that all the way down (about 2 miles) until you intersect with green blaze trail. Cross over man made bridge and within 400 meters intersect with the A.T. Take that down to bottom where you cross one more bridge and pop out into Dunfield Creek parking lot. Whole loop is roughly 3.3 miles with 1,250 feet of gain all in that first 1.2 miles. The climb is incredibly technical and seldom runnable. The descent starts off also extremely technical and stays technical until you meet up with green blaze trail. The trail is mostly gnarly rocks with many obstacles until you get to the green blaze/ Appalachian Trail at the bottom of the loop.

GPS Track