Route: Mugu Peak Loop (CA)

Submitted by Christophe Stahl on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 10:25pm
California, US
15.45 mi
Vertical Gain
2,539 ft

This is a lollipop loop from the famous Ray Miller trail head that includes the most beautiful view in the area from the top of Point Mugu.

From the Ray Miller trail head go up the single lane trail to the top. Make a left on the Overlook Fire Road. Arriving at the Hell Hill intersection, make a left down on La Jolla Fire Road. Shortly after you can make the loop counter clockwise by taking La Jolla Loop Trail on the left or continue straight. Making a left follow the trail to the  intersection with the Point Mugu sign, go down on the left to follow the Mugu Peak Trail. On the other side of the peak at the bottom make a right on the Chumash Trail. Continue on La Jolla Valley Loop Trail that becomes La Jolla Valley Fire Road until you get back to Hell Hill. Make a right on Overlook Fire Road where you came from and go down the Ray Miller Trail to where you started.

There is a paid parking lot at the trail head that opens at 8am. Parking is free on the PCH just before going up La Jolla Group Campsite. Beach access is about 200 yards east of the intersection PCH / La Jolla Group Campsite.

There is no exact address for the trail head, but a search for "Ray Miller Trailhead" in Malibu, CA 90265 works.



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I'm going to be attempting this FKT today. (Nov 30th, 2023) This will be my first ever FKT attempt. I live locally to this route so i've been on it a few times. Excited/ nervous to give it an actually go. :) - Nate F.