Route: Munich to Zugspitze (Germany)

Submitted by Nikolaus Nieder on Tue, 02/23/2021 - 04:36am
122 km
Vertical Gain
3,080 m

The route begins right in the center of Munich. Start at the Fischbrunnen directly at Marienplatz and from there straight to the Isar.  You run upstream and practically the entire route is along the rivers Isar, Loisach and Partnach up to 5 kilometers before the summit of the Zugspitze.  All rivers connecting to each other. Nearly the entire route from here consists of beautiful trails and forest roads besides some normal roads through a couple of villages.  From the town Wolfratshausen the rivers Isar and Loisach are crossing, from there you follow the Loisach to Garmisch.  But first of all, you pass Penzberg, Murnau, Eschenlohe and then Garmisch.  

Here starts the most beautiful part of the route. The entrance to the Reintal.  First you walk through the Partnachklamm, (at night the Partnachklamm is closed and you have to go west over the Kochelberg).  After the Partnachklamm, the Reintal stretches for 15 kilometers until it becomes significantly steeper.  The highlight here is the beautiful place at the Reintalangerhütte. The last 5 kilometers are very alpine over stones and gravel up to the Zugspitzplatt.  The last section is extremely steep with over 50% incline to the highest point in Germany, the summit of the Zugspitze at 2962m (

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