Route: N70 (Netherlands)

Submitted by Jiske94 on Tue, 06/30/2020 - 02:22pm
13.9 km
Vertical Gain
440 m

The N70 route is a hiking route that opened in 1970 and runs over 8 "peaks" of the push-moraine between the city of Nijmegen and the surrounding polder. It is signposted by light green markers. Mostly forested single-track and uncharacteristically hilly for Dutch terms, this is one of the best places for trail running in the Netherlands. It offers stunning views and runs past some historic sites, including Netherland's thickest tree, a 450 year old chestnut, and a historic boundary marker of the then Dutch-German border. Most enjoyed when paired with a traditional Dutch pancake from restaurant "De Duivelsberg"!

The ridge where the path goes is towering over the Waal/Rijn valley, the rivers formed by the Rhine/Rhein river, traveling all the way from the alps.





GPS Track
N70 kort.gpx31.03 KB


I did a round to assess the trail and marking. Did a full round first and then a half round at the north-west section. The path is well marked now with light green posts. Today was super muddy due to rain the past days and the fact that this path and many more in the area are well visited the year round. An interesting pat with great views in may places.