Route: New England Wilderness Walk (NSW, Australia)

Submitted by Keelan Birch on Mon, 08/24/2020 - 02:14am
New South Wales, AU
33 km
Vertical Gain
1,100 m

Descending over 1,000m from the edge of New England Tableland to the headwaters of Bellinger River, this track invites experienced bush walkers on a journey through diverse wilderness.

This challenging walk follows Robinson Knob Trail from the junction of Point Lookout Road down the escarpment, taking a left at the signposts down to the Bellinger River. You'll enjoy the spectacular views before continuing along Snowy Range, then down to Sunday Creek.

The next stage involves creek-walking and river crossings but once you reach the valley floor, you’ll follow along an old farm trail over grassy river flats, passing historic farmhouses and stockyards to remind you of the farming heritage here.

The 33km run finishes on Darkwood Road. 

Note - the GPX files starts at the viewpoint of Point Lookout but the actual route starts at the junction of Point Lookout Road and Robinson Knob Trail. Sections of this track are seriously remote.

01/07/2021 (Jase Trimmer)

Note that Keelan agreed for Adrian Herron's GPX file to replace this existing route GPX file - more accurate and will increase the experience!

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