Route: NH 3-Mountain Winter Challenge (NH)

New Hampshire, US

"rockhopper" posted this unique multisport (with driving) challenge:

Hello FKT community! I'm excited to share a new FKT event. This is not a traditional FKT trail in that it involves multiple disciplines and travel between trails. This multi-sport winter "course" includes ascending the Appalachian Mountain Club hiking trails to the summits of the three New Hampshire 4,000 ft mountains that have downhill ski resorts: Wildcat, Cannon, Mt. Tecumseh and descending each via their ski slopes with downhill equipment in a single day. 

I'm here to post the pioneering team effort that I completed with one partner on March 3, 2018. During the effort, progress was tracked with a Garmin Vivoactive HR wearable GPS tracker. link to Garmin Connect page

Itinerary was as follows:

7:42 am: Depart car in Wildcat Mountain Parking lot. South on RT 16 > Lost Pond trail > Wildcat Ridge Trail to the summit > Ski to car (car to car time: 2:33)

10:14 am Travel to Cannon 

11:42 am: Depart car in Cannon Mountain Parking lot. Kinsman Ridge Trail to the summit > ski to car (car to car time: 1:34. Total moving time: 4:07)

1:15 PM Travel to Waterville

2:24 am: Depart car in Waterville Valley parking lot. Mt Tecumseh Trail to summit > Ski to car 4:19 pm (car to car time: 1:55. Total moving time 6:02)

Total time Time on trail: 6:02
Total time overall (with travel): 8:37

I hope to write a more detailed trip report and have created a short video with clips of the day I can share as well. 

43.9651774, -71.5279085