Route: Ninghai Trail (Zhejiang Province, China)

Zhejiang Sheng, CN

Johnny Weng posted:

National Trail System Ninghai is the first national qualified hiking trail in China, which is located in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. This is simply called "Ninghai Trail" for short. 

Ninghai Trail reserved the natural scenery and original vegetation. The whole trail route is full of various trail terrains including dried mud trail, leaves trail, sandstone trail, wooden testle, bamboo forest, creek, and road etc. It is not a high elevation, technical, and brutal trail route, but very beautiful and fabulous. Ninghai Trail attracts thousands of hikers, trial runners and even local travellers to spend great time here.

The total distance of Ninghai Trail is about 201km (124.6miles) with total elevation gain of 10,750 meters (35,260ft). Chinese runner Qianyao Xue, the founder of Skyview Sport and 
race director of Ninghai Ultra Trail 100K, who finished UTMB and UTMF in 2014 and 2013 respectively will run this whole milage Ninghai Trail at the end of May,2017 as his first FKT attempt. For this FKT project, the 201km Ninghai Trail will be split into 5 parts for supplyment and gear change. Hence, it is a suppoted FKT run with pacer and crew team.

Part 1: Village Li to Dragon Palace, 39.5km with 2,462m elevation gain
Part 2: Dragon Palace to Peak Guan, 40.5km with 2,960m elevation gain
Part 3: Peak Guan to Sangzhou Town, 37.5km with 1,380m elevation gain
Part 4: Sangzhou Town to Village Aoli, 39.5km with 1,431m elevation gain
Part 5: Village Aoli to Village Fengjia, 44.0km with 2,513m elevation gain

Admin note:  No report was given on Xue's FKT attempt.

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