Route: Nockberge Trail (Austria)

Submitted by Benedikt Schmidt on Sun, 07/19/2020 - 01:47pm
76 km
Vertical Gain
4000 m

Of all the mountain groups in the Eastern Alps, the Nockberge have the greatest age at 60 million years. You can also see it in their faces, because while the Hohe Tauern in the west and the Karawanken, the Julian and Carnic Alps in the south still radiate an almost youthful ruggedness, the Nockberge with their gently rounded mountains and crests (also called Nocken) rest like wise giants within themselves.

This gentleness, combined with peak heights of almost 2,500 metres and a sublime landscape, largely free of technical infrastructure, give the Nockberge mountains a charm all their own. It is understandable that as early as the 70s of the last century, nature conservation pioneers fought to preserve this natural jewel. With the result that today one of three UNESCO biosphere parks in Austria preserves this harmonious alpine landscape for future generations.

So what could be more interesting to run through this hiking paradise on a long-distance trail? Over lush green alpine pastures, through shady stone pine forests, on breathtakingly panoramic ridges, from one peak to the next. This is the new "Nockberge-Trail"! The start is on the Katschberg in the north and leads in five enchanting daily stages (if you hike the path) across the UNESCO Biosphere Park to the finish in Bad Kleinkirchheim in the south, where the reward can be a rest in the famous thermal baths.

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