Route: Nokogiriyama Commuting Route (Japan)

Submitted by paxi on Fri, 10/30/2020 - 08:45pm
Chiba, JP
20.32 km
Vertical Gain
769 m

Nokogiri mountain is a low mountain at 329 meters. It is rich in nature and you will see plenty of wildlife. There is a history of quarrying stone, which was used to build a town under the Edo (Tokyo) Castle and to build the port of Yokohama. The site of the quarry is like a huge building structure. There's a spot that looks just like Laputa in the sky.

The route includes two train stations and one ferry port, which are few water supply points in the area and the starting points for many runners/hikers. There is a landmark (huge building in this area) at the start/goal point. The town is a small town with a drastically declining population, and we chose to start in town where the signage to the mountains begins.

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