Route: North Boundary Trail (AB, Canada)

Alberta, CA
173.1 km

North Boundary - 179 km one way. 

The North Boundary country possesses its own unique brand of beauty- a wilderness of broad valleys and distant views that is inhabited by an array of wildlife. The trail is rugged and many large, potentially dangerous creek crossings are not bridged. Not recommended during periods of high water.Some horse traffic. Elevation gain 2688 m and loss 2922 m, from Celestine Road, 
one-way. Maximum elevation 2019 m.

"The North Boundary Trail remains one of the more popular long-distance trails in the Rockies. Except for Mount Robson and a brief interval on Snake Indian Pass, the trail does not offer spectacular scenery. Yet, this trail across the northern end of Jasper Park possesses its own unique and subdued brand of beauty - a wilderness of broad valleys and distant views that is inhabited by moose, caribou, bear, and wolves. 

Though once known as the 100-Mile North Boundary Trail, we calculate today's distance at 111.5 miles, or 179.4 km. The traditional eastern trailhead for the lengthy trek is the end of the Celestine Lake Road, approximately 36 km north of the town of Jasper, while the western terminus is Mount Robson's Berg Lake trailhead."
-- Brian Patton & Bart Robinson, Canadian Rockies Trail Guide

GPS Track


Will be attempting the FKT for this trail. Heading from East to West from the Celestine Lake trailhead in Jasper to the bridge over the Robson River in Mount Robson Provincial Park. Leaving from Celestine Lake trailhead on Sunday August 30th, plan to complete on Thursday, September 3rd. Going unsupported. Will be hiking with my Garmin inReach mini and use that device for verification. 

I will be attempting the NBT in three days. Celestine to Robson TH.  Starting on Thursday October 8th and ending Saturday October 10th. I will be going unsupported an d will have both spot information and gps tracks from my fenix watch as proof. Hopefully it doesn't snow.