Route: Northeast Texas Trail (TX)


A rails to trails route that is ~130 mi point-to-point. When fully completed the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT) will be the longest Hike/Bike and Equestrian Trail in Texas and one of the longest in the U.S.A.

NETT History (source:
The infrastructure for the NETT was made possible by the creation of the 1983 Federal Law called the National Trail Acts and the Rail Banking process. Rail banking is when a railroad company voluntarily sells, donates, or leases unprofitable or unwanted rail lines and tracks to a qualified public or private entity (the Rail bank entity). Via this Law, land for construction of the NETT project is provided at no cost.

In the late 1990’s, 2 railroads, the Union Pacific and the Chaparral decided to cease active service and publicized their railroad corridors availability for rail banking through the Surface Transportation Board of the United States Department of Transportation (STB). 3-private agencies Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC) 1997, Greater Paris Development Foundation (GPDF) 1996, and Chaparral Rails to Trails Inc. (CRT) 1995 realizing that this will be an investment with a great rate of return that will richly enhance the quality of life in Texas applied for and became rail bank entities: RTC from New Boston to Clarksville, GPDF from Clarksville to Paris, Chaparral from Paris to Farmersville.