Route: Ochils 500 (United Kingdom)

Submitted by brnvandijk on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 03:17am
United Kingdom
40 mi
Vertical Gain
3,500 m

This is a 40-mile round of the Ochils taking in the 35 named peaks above 500m put together by Jack Bloodworth and run by him in 11 hrs 47 mins on 11th August 2018.

While Jack's round came about through time lost to injury leading him to downscale from planned attempts on Tranter's Round and more, it has resulted in an attractively accessible 'baby' or 'warm up' round (to quote his own modest adjectives for a hefty excursion!) as well as a clearly worthwhile '12-hour' challenge in its own right.

The 35 peaks are:

  1. Craig Leith 
  2. Mid Cairn
  3. Bengengie Hill 
  4. Colsnaur Hill 
  5. Big Hunt Hill 
  6. Kidlaw Hill 
  7. Brairdennon Hill 
  8. Greenforet Hill 
  9. Mickle Corum 
  10. Little Corum 
  11. Sauchanwood Hill 
  12. Core Hill 
  13. Burnfoot Hill 
  14. Burnfoot Hill (2) 
  15. Wether Hill
  16. Bald Hill 
  17. Middle Hill 
  18. Skythorn Hill
  19. Cairnmorrish Hill
  20. Scald Hill 
  21. Ben Shee 
  22. Inverdownie 
  23. Bentie Knowe 
  24. Whitewhisp Hill 
  25. Saddle Hill 
  26. Tarmangie Hill 
  27. King Seat Hill 
  28. Andrew Gannel Hill 
  29. Grodwell Hill 
  30. The Law 
  31. Ben Cleuch 
  32. Ben Buck 
  33. Craighorn 
  34. Ben Ever 
  35. Wood Hill

The challenge is to complete the peaks in any order, in under 12 hours. The starting and finishing point is at Alva glen car park by the sign which says “Alva Scouts Centenary 2012”. Why not take a before and after picture by the sign?

Here are two blogs from the creator of the round (Jack Bloodworth):

Ochils 500 Round Part 1 – The background and lead up

The Ochils 500 Round Part 2 – The attempt

GPS Track


Other times for this circuit:

Robin Wilkins, April 2022: 8hr 33min

Lewis Taylor, Oct 2020: 8hr 37min

Stuart Patterson, July 2020: 9hr 35min

Jack Bloodworth, Aug 2018: 11hr 47min