Route: Okanagan High Rim Trail (BC, Canada)

Submitted by Richard Allen on Mon, 12/28/2020 - 04:30pm
British Columbia, CA
58 km
Vertical Gain
2,070 m

This trail is officially listed as a long trek through the Thompson Plateau from Vernon to Mission Creek in Kelowna. Travelling through numerous dense forest-ways, the trail has two open sections that offer stunning views of the valley: The Oyama Repeater and the Grand View. However, if hikers deviate slightly in Wrinkly Face Provincial Park, there is a chance for a view mid-way between these two. The landscape in this part of British Columbia is not all the usual forest and trees, as this is BC's wine region and its desert-like yellow grassy rolling hills are the opposite of what you would ever imagine in Canada. 

Note that the Okanagan High Rim Trail is contiguous with the Okanagan Highlands Trail, creating a ~128km trail corridor. This FKT is for the 58km High Rim Trail only.  The end points are Cosen's Gate Trailhead near Coldstream and Philpott Road Trailhead off Highway 33.  The south TH (Philpott) is about 300m higher than the north one, so it is likely faster to run south-to-north.

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What’s the time on it?
I don’t seem to be able to see a time (FKT) on mobile. 

The description above says the southern end point ( the start) of the High Rim Trail is Philpott Road Trailhead off Highway 33. This is incorrect. The trail actually starts south of Highway 33 at Mission Creek. There is a large sign for the trail and a trail marker with 0 km posted at the creek side that indicates the actual start of the trail. Ran the full trail May 2021 (no FKT). See: for detailed trail map.

I am going to try run this tomorrow. I will be running south to North. 

I did it in 9h15min43sec on June 19,  2021

Northbound, 59.09km