Route: Oodnadatta Track Route

Submitted by Jared Styan on Sun, 03/19/2023 - 04:53pm
South Australia, AU
607 km
Vertical Gain
894 m

The Oodnadatta Track starts in Maree in South Australia and ends at Marla in South Australia. In total, the track is approximately 607 kilometers in length from start to finish. The route is very famous amongst travelers, FWD enthusiasts, and Australians in general, as it is a historic track that follows a traditional Aboriginal Trading Route (and also follows the Old Ghan railway), hosts the famous towns of Oodnadatta and William Creek and passes by the equally famous Lake Eyre (one of the world's largest salt lakes) and Simpson Desert.

With the combination of stunning scenery, historical significance, fascinating and captivating landmarks along the route, and a number of significant natural wonders, the Oodnadatta Track is a unique and special route for an FKT.

I plan to run the entire length of the Oodnadatta Track starting on July 1st, 2023. I will be supported by a crew and support vehicle and I plan to complete the route in 10 days, running 62km per day. I'm doing the run in support of the NGO Save the Children Australia, and I have a close partnership with the organization who are also providing support in promoting the run and assisting with the fundraising aspect. Further, my support person is planning to film throughout the run, so that we can produce a documentary about the run, in partnership with Save the Children, about the run.

I would love to make this incredible route available for an FKT.


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