Route: Parchi della Brianza (Italy)

Submitted by Carlo Scarlata on Wed, 03/10/2021 - 11:30am
Monza e Brianza, IT
Lecco, IT
Como, IT
101 km
Vertical Gain
3,340 m

This route starts at the door of the largest fenced park in Europe, Parco di Monza. The construction of that park ended in 1808 as an extension of the Royal Gardens and today is a large green area few kms from Milan. It also hosts one of the most famous Formula 1 circuits.

Te route is designed to cover all the Brianza region, skipping most of the asphalt and remaining on trails. It climbs some of the first peaks of the pre-Alps, visible from the city of Milan. From the park you first reach the hills of Montevecchia, then you climb Monte San Genesio and then Monte Barro. Down to Valmadrera and then the central mountain leg starts. Firstly with the climb to Corno Birone. You will pass from 200m altitude to 1,200m in 3kms. The you follow the ridge west-side and pass by Monte Rai, Monte Cornizzolo and Monte Pesora. You will now run a steep downhill from 1,200 to 400m altitude in less than 4kms. Back to the valley, you will go through the gravel bike lane along Lambro river back to the park.

The GPX provided here also includes all the public water sources, as well as a number of bars in case of emergency.

Almost full GSM coverage along the route. Be aware that the full central mountain leg has no one water source, except if you decide to deroute.

GPS Track