Route: Peavy's "Peak" (TX)

Texas, US
2.5 mi

This unofficially named hill (around 65 vertical feet in about 0.2 miles) in East Dallas is used for hill training by local runners.  Jonas Roos describes it as follows:

"In the heart of East Dallas lays one of the tallest spots in Dallas, known to the neighborhood as Peavy's Peak (named after Peavy Rd that starts at the top of the hill). My guys and I have run Peavy's Peak up and down as a way to get in a good sprint workout with as much elevation as you can find in Dallas, and the normal challenge is 6 ups and downs at a full sprint. We are all trail runners that have recently participated and finished runs like Western States and Run Rabbit Run 100. We’d like to use FKT as a resources to invite more Dallas runners to come run with us at Peavy’s Peak. "

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