Route: Pitt County N-S (NC)

North Carolina, US

Route submitted by Joseph Sutton:

The route uses roughly half road and half utility path trail. It begins at the northern most point of Pitt County, NC on Highway 13 at the 'Pitt County' line sign, and ends at the southern most point of Pitt County, NC on Pitt County Line Road at the 'Craven County' line sign. The route begins at 'Pitt County' line sign and travels south down Highway 13, takes a left on N. Greene St. which turns into S. Pitt St. and goes around Reade Circle, takes a right onto Cotanche St. which turns into Charles Blvd., takes a right onto Greenville Blvd. SE and heads towards Evans St., a left onto Evans St, and then a left onto Paramore Trail which is immediately past Dunhagen Rd., Paramore Trail is taken across Firetower Rd. to the the Canal Utility Road/Trail, the trail continues on and crosses Worthington Rd., then continues and crosses Ayden Golf Club Rd, trail continues and crosses 102, trail continues on and crosses Emma Cannon Rd., trail continues on until it intersects with Stokestown-St. Johns Rd. and takes a right, Stokestown-St. Johns Rd. is taken until it crosses 118 and turns into Rock Rd., continue on Rock Rd. and take a left onto Cletus Hart Rd., continue on Cletus Hart Rd., continue straight as it turns into State Road 1916 (do not take left on Boss McLawhorn Rd.), continue on 1916 as it turns into 1469 (Pitt County Line Road), follow until 'Craven County' line sign is reached. The route is approximately 38-38.4 miles long depending on route map calculation, and is accessible to anyone who may choose to run it. 

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Will be taking a shot at this tomorrow unsupported. It's my chance to honor/memoralize Bob "Iceman" Coolidge the best way I know how for a fellow Marine. Sweat, tears and who knows with these long distance runs, maybe a little blood. #HeroesNeverDie #Iceman #MURCA #MajorCane