Route: Pointy Knob Loop (WV)

Submitted by TP9 on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 08:00pm
West Virginia, US
7.73 mi
Vertical Gain
689 ft

Start at the west Pointy Knob Trail sign which begins with an immediate creek crossing.  Follow the blue diamonds throughout the trail across the many rocky and muddy sections.  Finish the slow trail portion where the east Pointy Knob Trail sign meets the Canaan Loop Road.  Run west on Canaan Loop Road (unimproved road) to the starting point at the west Pointy Knob Trail sign.

-GPS data shows 7.73 miles, 689 feet gain

-Alltrails data states 7.1 miles, 905 feet gain

GPS Track


The End point with the image was not the starting point of the loop, but simply shown for reference with the lat-long coordinates.  The point shown in the image is the east trail point at Canaan Loop Road.  We started and finished the loop at the west trail point.

I think I will give this a go on April 1st.


Completed on 4/1/21

Notes: The spring thaw is underway along with periods of heavy rain.

            The water levels are high and fast moving.  Even the bogs are deep and cold

            WV still gets snow in April and the trail was completely snow covered with laurel branches heavy with snow

            Tucker county has tons of top notch trails  but remember there is little to mostly no cell service!!


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Hey All,

I will be attempting this loop tomorrow Friday 12-3-21. Details to follow. 
Donnie Orr 

Official finish time 1:14:49 

That terrain was relentless. Beast coast at its best! I was so happy to get on Canaan Loop Road and open up. Great work out there everybody now somebody come take my mark!