Route: Porojistiy Peak - Babha Peak Traverse (Russia)

Submitted by tyutrin on Fri, 06/26/2020 - 12:20am
Irkutskaya oblast', RU
36 km
Vertical Gain
2500 m

The route is terrible. Moody Harlahtinsky bears. Bottomless abysses on the left, chilling cliffs on the right, and in the middle of the vertical dwarfs. Distances are cosmic. Predatory grinning gendarmes succeed one another, and they have no end and edge. Treacherous scree here and there. There is no water for many miles of the district. If the fog is covered, then without a navigator you will immediately get lost, and everyone will die a fierce death (and with a navigator through one). When black clouds go mountains across the sky, the taiga forest below staggers to the root, centuries-old cedars crack and lightning breaks between the clouds somewhere to the side of you, the whole world illuminates with hellish light - this route is terrible then. Those who have experienced know that he swallows people like flies.

GPS Track
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Муди - Харлахтинские медведи?