Route: Premiumwanderweg SeeGang (Germany)


Glittering waves on the water, white-pink-red glowing fruit trees, white mountain peaks on the horizon - plus baroque splendid buildings with a view, colorful half-timbered towns, relaxed people and good food, the picture of Lake Constance is finished. The premium route SeeGang opens up this unique diversity of landscape as successfully as no other certified hiking trail in Germany.

Hiking on the premium path SeeGang allows you to slow down between the two cities of Konstanz and Überlingen. Over 53 kilometers, beautiful natural paths and narrow paths offer new and impressive views over the lake. Wild and romantic ravines are crossed, alternate with orchards and shady forest passages. Castle ruins, historic cities, picturesque villages and the flower island of Mainau form the cultural contrast to the natural experience of Lake Constance.

Thanks to numerous ship, bus and train connections, often connected directly on the way or via short access routes, the SeeGang can be easily set up to your own needs. Stage length and stage locations can be selected individually and according to your mood, mood and day. The path, which is completely marked in both directions, can be easily hiked from a holiday home or as a stage hike from place to place - even with practical luggage transport.

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