Route: Quicksilver/Calero/Santa Teresa Omodt/Guenther OG's 50 Banger (CA)

Submitted by rebeccaguenthe… on Fri, 02/19/2021 - 09:18am
California, US
51.13 mi
Vertical Gain
8,196 ft

What makes this route unique is that connects three separate parks, all within 0.75 to 1.5 miles of each other, which has never been done before on any official race courses. Actually, there’s only been races at Quicksilver park as far as I know. This route includes Quicksilver, Calero and Santa Teresa parks, all of which offer their own unique trail beauty and views. There are about 17 miles of Quicksilver, roughly 22 of Calero and 8 of Santa Teresa. The rest is broken up into short sections of road to get to/from adjacent parks. There are also plenty of fountains — 8 of them along this route — anywhere from 3-12 miles apart. Most of them are within 3-6 miles apart. So it’s definitely doable self-supported. There’s also access by car at each of these stops for crewing. Furthermore, there’s more than 8,000 feet of elevation gain for those who like climbs. It’s basically the best of each park in one run!