Route: Rattlesnake Lake to Lake Washington

Submitted by zszablewski on Mon, 06/27/2022 - 10:31am
Washington, US
43.6 mi
Vertical Gain
10,955 ft

This route starts from Rattlesnake Lake and then ascends over Rattlesnake Ridge. From there the route descends to Raging River and then crosses over into Tiger Mountain. The trail then ascends to East Tiger, and West Tiger I, II, III. These four summits are followed by a steep descent of Section Line down to Issaquah Creek. From Issaquah Creek the trail switches to a short road stretch to enter Squak Mountain. The climb begins again with an ascent of East Ridge to Central and West Squak Peak. After summiting the two Squak peaks, the route descends Margarets Way and crosses SR 900 into Cougar Mountain. The route then ascends Wilderness Cliffs and over Wilderness Peak. Then the route descends to Red Town trailhead and crosses Newport Way into Coal Creek ravine. The route finishes up traversing Coal Creek into Newcastle. After crossing under I405, the route follows Lake Washington trail to Newcastle Beach where the route finishes up on the banks of Lake Washington completing the lake to lake course.

The trails and exact route chosen is open to some interpretation, but the idea is the runner must start at Rattlesnake Lake and summit: East Rattlesnake, West Rattlesnake, East Tiger, West Tiger I, II, III, Central Squak, West Squak, and Wilderness Peak, and finish at Lake Washington.