Route: Rim to Reno Trail (NV)

Nevada, US

Christopher Thomas submitted the route, which covers all of the Rim to Reno Trail with the summit of Mt Rose as an out & back.  About 40 miles:

The Rim to Reno Trail was completed in 2012 linking the Mt Rose Summit Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail, Hunter Creek Trail and Thomas Creek Trail via a beautiful loop through the remote wilderness. The trail is a point to point ranging from 21 - 23 miles depending on if you use the North loop or the South loop. This FKT route is an out and back around 40 miles starting at the Thomas Creek Trailhead just under 6000' elevation climbing up to the North loop where you will turn right around loop and on to the MT Rose summit at 10,700' elevation.After descending into MT Rose Summit trailhead at HWY 431 you make your way back up towards the South loop turning right  to complete the Rim Loop and back down Upper Thomas Creek to finish. The purpose of the out and back is to cover the entire Reno to Rim trail in it's entirety with ease of solo adventures. Spending most of your time in remote wilderness above 9000'. There are few water sources available making an unsupported trip difficult.

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