Route: RunCalc Alpine Challenge (Poland)


RunCalc Alpine Challenge refers to FKT on three mountains in Poland: Kasprowy Wierch, Babia Gora, Sniezka. Read more on 2016 edition page:

Here you can find the courses:
Kasprowy Wierch
Babia Gora

Admin note:  Perhaps someone who reads Polish can enlighten us about this challenge and any FKTs.

49.5731628, 19.5307964


Hi guys, I am a Polish mountain runner. This challenge does not seem to fit to the FKT idea, it was about ascending three well known mountains which take about 1-2h each. The most known Polish routes on which the FKTs are recorded are the main Beskidy Trail (Główny Szlak Beskidzki, GSB) and Sudety Trail (Główny Szlak Sudecki, GSS), both are marked tourist trails. GSB is 496km, current supported FKT is 108h 55' by Rafał Bielawa. GSS is 444km, FKT is 82h 46', also by Rafał Bielawa. Both were recorded live with GPS, I am not sure if Rafał is aware of your site.

I also agree that this should be deleted as it is not relevant. Actually it is old challenge based on completing 3 FKT routes on 3 selected mountains in Poland.