Route: Salt Lake City Whaleathon

Submitted by heyitsjames on Mon, 10/30/2023 - 12:38pm
Utah, US
26.2 mi
Vertical Gain
115 ft

This is not your typical marathon.

The Whaleathon is a true test of physical and mental stamina, where runners tackle a relentless 0.04-mile loop around the “Out of the Blue” traffic roundabout.

That’s right – you’ll need to complete a staggering 630 laps to conquer the full marathon distance!

The idea for the Whaleathon came about in 2022 when Evan Service jokingly threw out the idea while training for the Salt Lake City Marathon… “What if we just ran the full marathon around the whale?”

The idea would later became a reality through collaboration with Caleb Leftwich, Jackson Bradshaw, and Wyn Barnett, who finalized the specifics of the Whaleathon while on runs throughout the city.

The first ever Whaleathon was completed on October 21st, 2023.

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nah this is CRAZY, what an absurd idea