Route: San Francisco Round (CA)

Submitted by LukeWicker on Mon, 11/01/2021 - 08:18pm
California, US
62 mi
Vertical Gain
10,000 ft

The San Francisco Round lets adventurers summit each of the 76 accessible peaks within the city limits of the San Francisco mainland, and most importantly, get to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the city from as many perspectives as possible within the course of a day. Runners must tag each of the peaks in the order listed but the route between each peak is up to them. The first San Francisco Round was completed on March 6, 2021, covering 65 miles with 10,200+ feet of elevation gain. You can read about the San Francisco Round in more detail and explore a map with all the peaks and their coordinates at this doc. You'll also find more beta provided on the route. Below is a list of the peaks in the order required.

The SF Round is mostly on roads but includes nearly all of the best trails in the city, often taking routes between the peaks that offer up the best views or provide experiences of areas that you might not otherwise have. As the order of the peaks was created to include some iconic trails, climbs, roads and sights, it will sometimes be clear that it’s not the most direct route. However, it’s never about that. It’s about creating memories during a day spent on foot, from sunrise to sunset, and a greater appreciation and understanding of what makes San Francisco one of the best running cities in the world and a special city to spend time in.

Runners and walkers can complete the challenge and aim for the Fastest Known Time (FKT), or simply attempt it as a multi-day if you’d rather take your time and enjoy the sights. This was dreamt up as a celebration and parting gift to the running community of SF, so it’s hoped that runners will share notes and discuss their favourite sections. Please share stories using the #SanFranciscoRound hashtag and add a comment on the Fastest Known Site ahead of your attempt (and then add your time after your run, no matter if you happen to beat the time or not). 

Here is a curated map with all 76 of the peaks plotted on it, and in the order you should follow. If you tap on the name/icon, you’ll find coordinates for each peak and more details for some of the peaks too. This may help if you want to plot an altered version or more direct version of the route. Peaks in red are to be ignored. Tag all 76 peaks in the following order and finish back at the start:

Sutro Heights Park parapet 
Washington Heights
Bunker Hill
Prayerbook Cross Hill
Strawberry Hill
Whiskey Hill
Hippie Hill
Azalea Hill
Chicken Point
Casino Hill
Mt. Lick
Ignatian Heights
Lone Mountain
Laurel Hill
Anza Hill
Alamo Heights
Mint Hill
Buena Vista Heights
Corona Heights
Mt. Olympus
Tank Hill
Kite Hill
Castro Hill
Dolores Heights A.k.a. Noe or Sanchez Hill
Chutchui Hill (Dolores Street)
Precita Heights
Bernal Heights
Holly Hill
College Hill
Martha Hill
Gold Mine Hill
Fairmount Heights
Duncan Hill
Red Rock Hill
Twin Peaks (South Peak)
Twin Peaks (North Peak)
Clarendon Heights A.k.a. Sutro Crest
Mt. Sutro
Grand View Hill
Golden Gate Heights' unnamed peak
Larsen Peak
Forest Hill
Edgehill Heights
Mt Davidson
Sherwood Forest
Monterey Heights
Brooks Park
Shields/Orizaba Rocky Outcrop
Thrift St & Summit St Peak
City College Hill
Excelsior Heights
Crocker-Amazon Hill
Pasadena Street Hill
Little Hollywood Park Hill
Bayshore Heights
Bay View Hill
McLaren Ridge 1
McLaren Ridge 2
McLaren Ridge 3
Visitacion Knob
McLaren Ridge 4 (Water Tower)
University Mound
Mt. St. Joseph
Hunter's Point Ridge
Potrero Hill
Irish Hill
Rincon Hill
Telegraph Hill
Russian Hill 2 (George Sterling Park)
Russian Hill
Nob Hill
Lafayette Heights
Cannon Hill
Presidio Hill
Rob Hill (Presidio)
Lincoln Heights