Route: San Salvador Bicentennial Park

Submitted by des on Thu, 12/01/2022 - 02:35pm
San Salvador, SV
6.19 mi
Vertical Gain
519 ft

San Salvador is El Salvador's beautiful capital city with great food, nightlife, and people. While a lesser known travel destination, El Salvador is quickly becoming popular for international travel and business. While safety is always an important consideration, crime over the past few years has exponentially improved.

After working with local guides in San Salvador, they recommended Bicentennial Park in the heart of San Salvador as a safe and beautiful option for runners. This route spans the entire park which is mostly dirt trails through dense trees with beautiful flowers, plants, and wildlife. The other portion of the route explores a few city streets, lined with street vendors selling pupusas and delicious, fresh fruit. It is an easy run with a few small hills. Highly recommend morning runs right after the park opens to avoid excessive heat and humidity (I made the mistake to go late morning).

El Salvador was not on the FKT map, so I wanted to add a route for those looking to explore a heavily underrated travel destination.


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