Route: Santa Fe Baldy (NM)

Submitted by Galen Hecht on Fri, 05/22/2020 - 11:46am
New Mexico, US
13.5 mi
Vertical Gain
3,517 ft

Santa Fe Baldy via Winsor Trail from Aspen Basin is an iconic out and back route for local New Mexicans who enjoy hiking or running. It passes from the Santa Fe National Forest into the Pecos Wilderness. More than 80% of the trail is in the wilderness. The trail rolls through aspen and conifer forests before climbing towards Puerto Nambe. Runners will pass through beautiful meadows before climbing a saddle that reveals spectacular views of the Pecos Wilderness over Hamilton Mesa. Runners then make a left at the trail marker at the saddle and climb to the summit where the soft west face gives way to massive cliffs over Lake Catherine on the east side. The summit is marked by a stone pile and stone windbreak. Then it's right back the way you came.

- Submitted by Galen Hecht



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Thinking about attempting this on June 20, 2020. I know Christian Gering and Rickey Gates have some rippen times. Anybody know of an existing FKT that's not on the site here?

Hey Galen, 

As far as I know, I still hold the round trip FKT from my attempt back in 2016 of 2:11:15 (, with the caveat that I lopped off one of the switchbacks on the way up using a "social trail" shortcut (I blame hypoxia for this error).  I started and stopped touching the line of trashcans at the trailhead (just north of the bathroom) and I stopped at the top once I had a view of Lake Katherine (so a bit past the true summit).

As far as I know, Rickey has the ascent CR ( and Christian has the descent CR (  I believe that Christian also has the no-shortcuts round trip CR of 2:12:19 (

If Ricky ever makes a round trip attempt, I'm sure he can snag it easily.  I suspect Jon Severy could nab it and Pat Smyth could probably demolish the record as part of an easy long run.  I have yet to hear any lore of faster round trips that aren't on Strava, though.  Good luck if you go for it!