Route: Sawtooth Range Traverse

Submitted by GideonC on Tue, 09/05/2023 - 09:21am
Idaho, US
43.12 mi
Vertical Gain
7,654 ft

This route starts from the southwestern most entrance to the sawtooth range and travels to the northeastern most entrance. Through this trail, one experiences the true glory and might of some of the most beautiful mountains in the US. The trail is extremely secluded, I went around 8 hours without seeing anyone else. I saw bears, mountain goats, numerous birds, and found a wildflower to match each color of the rainbow. One truly has to go out of their way to do this route. The city Atlanta is hard to get to in itself, but once one arrives, you find a hick town with a good bar and burgers, plenty of hotsprings, and houses that have been there sense the gold rush era. One then finds themselves on less traveled trails, often fighting through raspberry bushes or less pleasantly, stinging nettle. The trails open up once you get into the high mountain areas, opening up to hundreds of mountain lakes and streams, the type which don't need water filtering (found out the risky way).
Truly an intimate experience with nature in a wonderfully pleasant space.