Route: Schusteracht (Germany)

Submitted by Wolf. The Man on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 06:13am
75.63 km
Vertical Gain
532 m

The Schusteracht is a scenic route in the eastern center of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany's northernmost federal state), which impressively presents the typical landscapes of this area: The varied route leads through fields and forests, over hills formed by the Ice Age glaciers and along the course and lakes of the river Schwentine. The route also passes cultural monuments, old estates and rural villages with their typical thatched houses.
The route runs almost exclusively off the beaten track on asphalt and sand tracks with a few isolated single trails.The route consists of a south loop (about 35km) and a north loop (about 30km, extended by Schwentinerunde 10km), which intersect in the town of Preetz.  (Hence the name component "-acht", the German word for the number eight.)
The Schusteracht is a cycling and hiking trail, which is maintained by the Schusteracht Verein ( The route is well marked with trail markings, so that it can be easily completed all year round even without a map or GPS navigation. In addition to the trail markings, there are also occasional signposts with distance information and numerous information boards that provide information about the sights in the area. 
Due to the structure of the route and the central location of the town of Preetz, travel and logistics are very easy, as you can either park your car and/or shop in supermarkets or petrol stations to refill your drinks and food in Preetz. There are several restaurants and kiosks along the route, some of which are only open during the summer months. Moreover, the locals along the route are usually friendly and helpful.

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