Route: Sentier Blanc-Martel (France)

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12.5 km
Vertical Gain
540 m


The Blanc-Martel trail is the most famous trail of the Verdon Gorges, it is also and especially one of the must-see routes and the one that allows you to travel the longest distance at the bottom of the canyon, near the Verdon river.

The Blanc-Martel trail is named after Alfred-Edouard Martel and Isidore Blanc, the explorers who crossed for the first time the entire Grand Canyon of France. 

The starting point of the Blanc-Martel trail, the ‘Chalet de la Maline’ is located in the village of La Palud-sur-Verdon.

The Blanc-Martel trail is a 12.5 km long one-way trail.

The path allows you to access the bottom of the canyon, as close as possible to the Verdon and to discover mythical places of the Verdon such as the Pré d’Issane, the cave ‘Baume aux Bœufs’, the Mescla, the brèche Imbert trail, the scree ‘Éboulis de Guègues’, the tunnels of Trescaïre and Baou, the Couloir Samson!

Between steep path on a cliff side and shady underbrush passages, the Blanc-Martel trail is an alternation of rhythmic and exceptional landscapes that allows you to enter the intimacy of this exceptional site.

Although the trail is very popular in the summer season, the number of visitors remains low. Some time after the arrival of the shuttle bus, the flow of hikers who engage in the laces under the ‘Chalet de la Maline’ gradually dissipates, making the Verdon regain its wild character.

The arrival point, the Point Sublime on the commune of Rougon marks the end of the journey. After having crossed the tunnel of the Samson corridor, you will have to take the stairs to the belvedere and then the path to the Point Sublime. 200 meters of difference in level and you are there!

Note: there are shuttles managed by the regional parc that take you to start and finish. Depending on the season you might need to reserve a spot in advance.




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