Route: Sentier International des Appalaches-Québec GR A1 (QC, Canada)

Quebec, CA
650 km

Submitted by Martin Coulombe:

"De Matapédia à Cap Gaspé sur les 650 km du Sentier International des Appalaches-Québec GR A1."

This is the 650km section of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) that covers the Gaspé peninsula of Québec, from Matapédia on the border with New Brunswick, to the tip of the peninsula at Shiphead. More info:



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EN Starting on june 18th 2021 at Matapedia, finishing on July 2nd in Forillon, I'll attempt to beat the self-supported time of 16d21h by achieving the Quebec's portion of the International Appalachian trail (Gr A1/unceded Mi'kmaw territory) in 15 days of trail running. ?It seems that it'll also be the first self-supported female FKT attempt on this route, so let's open the path to all the next powerful women who will beat this record ?

FR Début à Matapédia 18 Juin 2021, avec pour objectif de finir à Forillon le 2 Juillet pour un total de 15 jours de course en sentier "self supported" sur la portion québécoise du SIA (territoire Mi'kmaw non cédé). 

FR: Départ de Matapédia le 25 juin 2021, arrivée prévue le 8 juillet à Forillon en 14 jours de randonnée solo auto-supportée, catégorie "hommes". Je souhaite la meilleure des chances à Charlotte Levpaq qui me devancera d'une semaine dans sa propre tentative de FKT!

En: Will be leaving Matapédia on June 25th 2021 and planning on finishing in Forillon on July 8th, for 14 days of solo self-supported backpacking for the male category. Best of luck to Charlotte Levpaq who will be starting on her own FKT attempt one week prior to mine!