Route: Seoul Trail Course 4: Daemosan - Umyeonsan/서울 둘레길 4코스 대모산 - 우면산코스 (South Korea)

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Seoul, KR
17.9 km
Vertical Gain
683 m

"This course travels along Suseo Station – Daemosan Mountain - Guryongsan Mountain – Umyeonsan Mountain – Sadang Station. The course follows along a gentle slope, making it an easy course where you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. The section along the Yeoeuicheon Stream between Guryongsan and Umyeonsan, Yangjae Citizen’s Forest, and the Yangjaecheon Stream is a flat and cozy path." (

"Daemosan Mountain

Daemosan (293m) is a mountain located to the south of Gaepo-dong and Ilw on-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It has been called Halmi (literally meaning “grandma”)-san due to its appearance. Upon the formation of Heonreung (the tomb of King Taejong and his wife Queen Wongyeong) to the south of the mountain, it came to be called Daemosan.

Umyeonsan Mountain

Umyeonsan Mountain (313m) in Seocho-gu, Seoul was named for its appearance resembling a cow lying down, asleep. People like to walk in the mountain, as it is close to downtown and offers gentle slopes. It has many mineral water springs. Rocks there have interesting and unique names, such as Gatbawi (Hat-shaped Rock), Gorae Jangbawi (Whale-shaped Rock), Beombawi (Tiger-shaped Rock)." (


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Follow the orange ribbons! This route can also be completed in the opposite direction.