Route: Sir George Martin Memorial Route (Montserrat, West Indies)


A route devised by Richard Clewes:

Following a volcanic eruption in 1995, slightly more than half of Montserrat has been rendered uninhabitable. Care should be taken to observe all signs indicating so-called “Exclusion Zones” especially the abandoned town of Plymouth. Described route follows Montserrat’s remaining main road from South to North starting Belham River entrance to the Exclusion Zone where it intersects with laneway to ruins of Sir George Martin’s AIR Recording Studios. Follow road to Friths, continue on Frith Main Road to the village of Salem. Bear right (East) to Runaway Ghaut through Woodlands, crossing Lawyers and Bunkum rivers to Cheap End and bear right (East) to St. Peter’s. At Hilltop Coffee House continue on main road to Cudjoe Head. At Della’s Snackette the main road forks left and right. Bear left (North) on Brades Main Road. Continue until you reach Carr’s Bay. Road forks left and right, bear right (East) on Sweeney’s Main Road, until you reach Tropical Mansions Hotel. Road forks left and right, bear left (East). Continue towards Glendon Hospital; look for the intersection with Blakes Estate Main Road. Follow this road (also known as Great North Road) until it ends at the abandoned airfield. Run the remaining short distance over shore land until you have completed 13.11 miles.

16.753812949656, -62.219037902051