Route: Skyline Trail (AB, Canada)

Alberta, CA
45.8 km
Vertical Gain
1,650 m

With almost 25 km [out of 45 km total] of this trail hiked above treeline, the Skyline is Jasper’s highest and possibly most scenic trail. The high elevation allows for amazing views that extend over much of the park, encompassing vast meadows, windswept ridges and the chance to spot wildlife in the distance. Crossing three mountain passes, the Skyline trail offers a variety of flora, fauna and scenery unique to Jasper National Park. Be prepared for all weather conditions, and always check current conditions before setting off. Snow can fall any time of the year, and the section of trail called “the Notch” can be impassable early in the season.

GPS Track


2018 : Justin Nichols ran it in 3h 45m 26s . Unknown if it's Self supported or unsupported.