Route: Slippery Brook - Baldface Loop (NH)

Submitted by r.chalmers on Sun, 10/18/2020 - 01:55pm
New Hampshire, US
32 km
Vertical Gain
1,000 m

Starting at the gate/trailhead of the Slippery Brook Trail. Head southwest down the Town Hall Rd/Slippery Brook Rd “17”  (a former early 1900’s logging railway) for 2.2k and turn right at the intersection/bridge onto East Branch Road “38”, and begin heading northwest up a long gradual climb of another gravel road that follows the East Branch of the Saco River. At 7.5k the gravel road ends and one now continues up the East Branch Trail and into the Wild River Wilderness.  The East Branch trail intersects the Wild River Trail at approximately 15k. Descend the WRT for 3k and begin the climb up the infrequently used Eagle Link Trail. At 21k you’ve now reached the scrappy ridgeline of the Balfaces. Continue south along the ridge until reaching the Slippery Brook Trail. Head south towards Slippery Brook Rd/Mountain Pond and approximately 6k of runnable descent takes you back to the gate to complete the loop.